STS-18 Active Subwoofer
4 January, 2018
STI-607B /W Wall mount speakers
4 January, 2018

BM-15VRB Rechargable active Speaker cabinet

15 “rechargeable amplified speaker with USB and Bluetooth player. 9 hours of battery life. Two wireless microphones

Rechargeable baffle that allows to bring excellent sound to events where electricity is not available. If the charge is finished, it can be connected to the car battery or to the power and used while recharging. It has two wireless microphones to talk or karaoke.


Rechargeable 2-Way Amplified Baffle BM-15VRB

* 15 “woofer.
* 40W to 4Ω.
* LCD screen.
* Bluetooth reader.
* Ports for USB / SD Card Reader, FM.
* 2 VHF wireless microphones.
* Remote control.
* 12Vdc battery.
* Bass and treble controls.
* Tickets:
1-Line / RCA
1-Mic / XLR
1-Mic / XLR
1-Mic / 6.3mm
* 1-Line-out RCA output.

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